World Vegan Day 2016

World Vegan Day 2015 is celebrates on November 1st and theme is "Picnic in the park"

Lifestyle is your choice; but there are those who would want to follow a way of life, so that they interfere the least with the world that supports them. World Vegan Day is one such occasion that marks the celebration of Veganism, where consumers refrain from consuming products that have been derived from animals. World Vegan Day is particularly relevant to the diet aspect of lifestyle, where vegans make choices taking the common good into consideration.

What is World Vegan Day?

World Vegan Day is celebrated around the world on the 1st of November, and is a special day for vegans indeed. World Vegan Day has been celebrated every year since 1994, which was initiated to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Vegan Society UK. Vegans are considered to be the stricter and more disciplined versions of vegetarians, where they stay away from the use of all kinds of animal products, including dairy products and eggs. World Vegan Day is about celebrating the spirit of veganism and getting more people interested in the concept.

Why World Vegan Day?

The very idea behind veganism is to help maintain the delicate ecological balance that life is, to give every living being the right to live without disturbing or being disturbed by others. There are so many animal products that we use without being aware that there could be ill-treatment of animals in the process – wool, milk and dairy products, eggs, leather, fur and silk are just some examples of the way animals are used and exploited. World Vegan Day is just an effort to spread awareness of the way people could change their lifestyles to be more accommodative of life.

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