World UFO Day 2017

World UFO day is celebrated to acknowledge the existence of Unidentified Flying Objects. This day is celebrated to spread awareness about UFO and to encourage government to declassify the information on UFOs. The celebration of World UFO day is all who believe in existence of life in outer space.


The World UFO day was first celebrated on June 24th 2001. Organizations and common people from 20 countries participated to make it a success. Since World UFO day is celebrated. There were two dates on which World UFO day was celebrated – June 24th and July 2nd. Now, World UFO day organization has declared July 2nd as the official world UFO day.

How to Celebrates World UFO Day

You can celebrate world UFO day by participating the events organized by world UFO day organization. You can check their official website to know about the vents and venues. Many people celebrate this day by looking at the sky together and by organizing other UFO themes parties and events. You can also invite friends and watch UFO themes movies or documentary or discussing UFO related topics among the group. You can even read some books on UFO and does some internet research on UFO related articles.

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