World TB Day 2015 Theme

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Year World Tuberculosis Day Theme
2016 "--------------------------"
2015 "Stop TB Partnership"
2014 "Stop TB Partnership"
2013 "Stop TB in my lifetime."
2012 "Stop TB in my lifetime Call for a world free of TB."
2011 "On the move against TB: Transforming the fight towards elimination"
2010 "On the move against TB: Innovate towards action"
2009 "I am stopping TB"
2008 "I am stopping TB"
2007 "TB anywhere is TB everywhere"
2006 "Actions for life – Towards a world free of TB"
2005 "Frontline TB care providers: Heroes in the fight against TB"
2004 "Every breath counts – Stop TB now!"
2003 "DOTS cured me – it will cure you too!"
2002 "Stop TB, fight poverty"
2001 "DOTS: TB cure for all"
2000 "Forging new partnerships to Stop TB"

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