World Thinking Day and Girl Scouts

World Thinking Day Girl Scouts

World wide girl scouts celebrate on 22nd February as world thinking day. Girl Scouts on this World thinking day says all over the world "empowering girls will change our world."”. This is the World thinking day 2011 theme.

  • Girls worldwide say, “fight AIDS”
  • Girls worldwide say, “make healthy food choices”
  • Girls worldwide say, “prevent adolescent pregnancy”
  • Girls worldwide say, “it is important to talk about sex”
  • Girls worldwide say, “let’s talk about the dangers of drugs”
  • Girls worldwide say, “ban smoking in public places”
  • Girls worldwide say, “discover your potential”

Girl Scouts Celebrations

Date English name Location/local name Remarks
January 1 Scouts' Day Burma  
February 22 Thinking Day worldwide Marks birthday of Scouting's founders
April 19 Guides' Day Georgia anniversary of the first national Girl Scout conference in 1997
April 23 St. George's Day United Kingdom Parade of Queen's Scouts at Windsor Castle
May 22 Girl Scout Day Japan  
May 31 Vietnamese Scouting Day Vietnam  
July 1 Scout Day Thailand Scouts pay homage to King Rama VI, and take part in parades

Girl Scout Ceremonies

  • Bake a batch of brownies Ceremony
  • Bridging Ceremonies
  • Bridging Poem
  • Candle
  • Careful soul
  • Ceremony worksheet
  • Court of Awards
  • Display, Customs and care of the flag
  • Flag Ceremony
  • Flag Definitions
  • Flag Guidelines
  • Flag folding
  • Flag recipe
  • Flame Ceremony
  • Flashlight flag ceremony
  • Flower Ceremony
  • For everything
  • G. S Own
  • G.S. Pin Ceremony
  • Girl as a Candle
  • Girl Scout Benediction
  • Girl Scout Law Interpretation Poem
  • G.S. Law Skit
  • Grow a G.S. Troop
  • Investiture
  • Investiture Poem
  • Juliette Low Birthday
  • Law Ceremony #1
  • Leader's Promise
  • Leader first aid gift
  • New Law Ceremony
  • Nickname Ceremony
  • Original Candle Ceremony
  • Paper doll ceremony
  • Parent Meeting Fable
  • Passing the light candle ceremony
  • Planning a ceremony
  • Retiring a Flag Ceremony
  • Scouting is a candle
  • Thinking Day Ceremonies

Girl Scouts Campus

  • American University
  • Bradley University
  • George Mason University
  • Humboldt state University&
  • SUNY Geneseo
  • Richard Stockton CGS
  • Texas A$M University
  • University Of Illinois
  • William Paterson University

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