World Stroke Day 2015

World Stroke Day 2015 theme is "I am Woman" and 2014 theme is "I am a Woman"

Origin of the Day

World stroke Day is observed on 29th October every year around the world. This special day is dedicated to see the general nature of strokes in the patients. The European Stroke Organization propounded in 1990 that a day should be there to bring awareness about the stroke disease and people should get the right treatments. Doctors organize various seminars and workshops to tell the society about the crucial disease related to heart strokes and try to make the society healthy, fit and independent. The various research reports from the member countries show that every 6 second a stroke is causing someone. World Stroke Day has created a very positive impact on the society and added beauty to the profession of heart surgery. They try to tell the patients that stroke is very much treatable if taken seriously. To promote the event government also provides supporting materials like pamphlets, brochures, ideas, advertisements etc.

How to Celebrate the Day

 World Stroke Day is marked everywhere in very open mind and flexibility. The professionals from the domain come forward and arrange health awareness campaigns and share their experience and knowledge. Several open free health checkups are there and people visit to seek the maximum output. New comers are given encouragement by organizing various events where they are being felicitated for their work and contributions to the field of heart diseases. Various government and social departments are also giving their hand holding in all the observations to make the event fruitful and meaningful. They promote it on the internet and get a lot of inquiries. A separate web page has also been created on face book where people post their comments and views about the problems.


There are many activities organized on the unique day of World Stroke Day across the globe. Many hospitals and physical heart cure centers come up with health checkup camps. Doctors and professionals from the industry participate in the event to help the patients and tell them different way of minimizing the strokes. Doctors and consultants also show their fitness and educate the society about the benefits of being fit and tell them different ways through which good fitness can be achieved. People take out time on this day and start some exercise to sooth them. Many patients take resolutions that they will quit certain bad habits that can cause in creating the stroke problems.

Importance of the Day

World Stroke Day has a key place in promoting the awareness related to the heart strokes to a larger platform. It offers all the practitioners an opportunity to meet at one stage and share their ways and methods to cure the strokes. By this they can come up with new ways of handling the diseases. It also creates a healthy environment in the society and people get aware of various tools and methods through which they can make them healthy. Hence the World Stroke Day is playing a crucial role in making the society healthy and hearty.

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