World Storytelling Day 2017

World Storytelling Day was set up with the intent of celebrating the oral tradition of passing stories from one person to another, in groups and even down generations. Even though story telling has been around for centuries, the event was started in Sweden in 1991 to encourage people to get together and tell stories.

When: March 20, 2017, Monday

Importance of the event:

Storytelling is a way to let people and children exercise their imagination by not only listening to stories but also participating with their own. There are so many stories in different cultures and languages to be shared that this is a one of a kind opportunity to share. Telling a story helps people use all their skills to draw images with words and sounds to make it lively. Stories are used to pass on morals and a way of living.

Even though it is a form of entertainment, stories are used to draw out different emotions in people like happiness, joy and even instill justice. For a long time, stories were a way of passing down history from one generation to another.

Story telling helps people develop a strong sense of expression as they have to keep track of the plot, multiple characters, the story itself and reasons like morals and consequences. Many cultures use dance, props and actors to tell their stories. Language then is less of a barrier to impart culture and brand new stories from one country to another. People can choose to use video link up facilities to connect with other venues around the world.

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