World Spelling Day 2017

The World Education Games is an exciting event for all students and schools around the world. It is an online event which held annually in the month of March. It is the extended format of what was once World Maths Day and now includes World Spelling Day and World Science Day.

World Spelling Day was included in the world education games because spelling is an important part of literacy. To be educated or to get a good job or to do something as basic as reading and writing one need to be literate. Literacy is very important and unfortunately in poorer countries many people won't get the chance to learn due to unavailability of trained teachers, textbooks and not enough involvement in children's education. This day creates awareness towards literacy.

It was purely a Maths based event in 2007 called the World Maths Day. In 2011, the World Spelling Day was added and a year later, in 2012, the World Science Day was added to make it more attractive to Students. It is supported by UNICEF and conducted by the 3PLearning.

In 2016, the events run from 5th – 7th March.

5th March – World Spelling Day, 6th March – World Maths Day, 7th March – World Science Day

The platform opens on 1st February for practice. Approximately 5.5million students will participate from over 200 countries and their territories. This is a global event for all students from 4 to 18 years of age who are excited about learning and willing to participate. It gives the top students in each school an opportunity to compete from the best around the world.

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