World Sparrow Day 2017

World Sparrow Day has been designated to raise awareness of the plight of common birds and how they are fast disappearing from urban environments.

When: March 20, 2016 – Monday

Importance of Event:

There are quite a few animals and birds which play a vital role in all kinds of ecosystems, even urban. Sparrows are one of the most ubiquitous birds around the world and play an important role. Adult birds primarily survive on grains but will eat fruits and berries which aids in the spread of seeds over a large area. They also eat insects like beetles, aphids, specific kinds of flies and caterpillars – many of these insects are well known for destroying crops and trees and also spreading disease. The role of the sparrow is to help check insect populations and the spread of disease in check.

There are instances when sparrow populations explode and they are viewed as pests. Sparrows are known for their adaptability and have threatened native species of birds. There are 8 different species of sparrows which nest in buildings in urban settings. In many parts of the world, sparrow populations have declined due to rampant construction, loss of tree cover and food sources.

The idea of setting aside a special day to raise awareness about this little bird was set up by numerous Nature Organizations around the world. The idea is appreciate species diversity and also to draw attention to the rapid changes taking place around us. Sparrows have had such a close association with human settlements around the world that is necessary to highlight their plight.

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