World Run Day

World Run Day is celebrated globally on different dates but with an aim to bring out the consciousness of health in People. It is generally celebrated on the Sunday, which will be closest to 8th November. A committee with the same name organizes World Run Day and that works with one goal that is to broaden as well as promote health benefits of running. On the same day runners are given an option to donate amount to their favorite charity on this special day.


World Run Day took its origination in the year 1999 by one of the famous person who is a runner from Long Island, Bill McDermott. He got the idea of World Run Day while he was doing his work which was designing the T-Shirts using software’s. He being a runner thought it would be a great idea to start a global event of “World Run Day” which would benefit large number of people around the world in terms of health.

At the same time, he liked to dedicate this global event to his brother who expired in a automobile accident in the year of 1983 on the 8th November. Therefore, that is the reason why Sunday, which is nearest to 8th November every year is selected for this event.

Bill McDermott, himself as started campaigning for this event by using the World Wide Web as the medium. First he started advertising about World Run Day to local people residing in Long Island and then spread this to other countries.

Programs Offered by World Run Day

World Run Day is offering a wide range of programs for the runners some of them include Individual Run, Run as a Group, Virtual Run Series and Creating a Personal Run Day. A Personal Run Day can be any special day of the year. The goals that are guided by the World Run Day are Promote Running, Promote Charitable Giving, Mobilize the Running Community, Create Event Director Tools, Inspire Young People and help in supporting World Run Day Celebrations that take place around the World.

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