World Religion Day 2017

World Religion Day 2017 is observed on 15th January. Promote peace and harmony on world religion day

The National Spiritual Assembly, one of the governing bodies of the Baha’i communities first observed the annual World Religion Day in 1950 in the United States of America. Since then, people belonging to various religious groups and communities are celebrating this special day worldwide on the third Sunday of January every year. With lots of faith on spiritual principles, the members of various world religions are observing this national awareness day hoping to keep the human race united as one family. Even though the festival initially originated among the American Baha’i, its popularity has spread all over the world in 2002 when the Universal House of Justice issued a letter to the world’s religious leaders emphasizing more on spiritual commitment.

Principle's of World Religion Day:

Baha'i is a form of faith that emerged in the early 19th century in Persia and has three major principles: Unity of God, Religion and Humankind. According to Baha'i there is a single God, of which spiritualities of all religions in one stem from this single God. Irrespective of religion all humans are born equal and have equal rights. The day calls for members of all religions have common spiritual goals. The spiritual goal is to unite everyone, whatever their faith, by showing us all that there are common foundations to all the religions and together be in Harmony and help the humanity.

What is the purpose of World Religion Day?

  • The purpose of World Religion Day is to create harmony and peace among the world’s religions and encourage people to understand various religious faiths.
  • The festival passes on the message of love and agreement and emphasizes that religion is the motivating force for the world’s unity.
  • It promotes the unity among diversity of faiths and encourages oneness among various nations, races and religious communities.


Religion plays potentially a significant role in the human society and it is very important to have well-organized celebration gatherings to highlight this event. On this day, representatives and participants from all local faith-communities organize conferences or attend public meetings to discuss and understand the religious standards. No matter what religion you belong to or what nation you come from, you have every right to enjoy religious freedom by attending the nearest World Religion Day gatherings.

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