World Radiography Day 2016

World Radiography Day 2016 celebrates on November 8th and theme is "Breast imaging"

What would it have been like for patients not to know what went wrong with their bone and joint? How would it have been possible for physicians to know which bone to set right and which muscles to repair, but for the miracles of life called X-Rays. Radiography, the branch of science that deals with X-Rays, have changed the way the world looks at diagnostics – World Radiography Day is all about celebrating this day to honor science and its contributions towards the betterment of human life.

What is World Radiography Day?

When it is the 8th of November every year, the world gets together to remember the vital contributions made by Roentgen in 1895, when X-Rays were discovered and gifted to the medical world. There are some organizations and institutions that celebrate not just World Radiography Day but make the entire week a special one, marking it by events that underscore the role played by the noble profession.

Why World Radiography Day?

There is much more to it than just an act of remembering the past. The celebrations of World Radiography Day bring together members of the profession, unite them under one roof, and mark their togetherness as a community. Further, World Radiography Day is also about promoting the profession and spreading the word about choosing radiography as a viable and specialized career alternative.

World Radiography Day is celebrated all around the world, honoring the disciplines of Radiation Therapy as well as that of Diagnostic Radiography. From what was generally called X-Rays, the field of study has become a sophisticated one with specialized areas such as mammography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Interventional Radiography and such, tracing the field’s evolution.

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