World Philosophy Day 2016

2016 World Philosophy Day is celebrates on 17 November. World Philosophy Day 2014 theme is "Social Transformation and Intercultural Dialogue".

World Philosophy Day 2013 theme is "Philosophy as Inquiry and Way of Life" and celebrates on 21 November

World Philosophy Day 2012 theme is "Future Generations"

When: It is celebrated annually on the third Thursday falling in the month of November.


It is celebrated by the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) to honor the philosophical reflections and works of philosophy by people around the world, through ages. On this day people are to share thoughts, discuss and explore new ideas and focus on the challenges that our society is facing today.

Philosophy is the stepping stone for innovations and creative ideas. It has been the foundation of progress through many centuries, across cultures. Since its inception by UNESCO in the year 2002, World Philosophy Day has been honoring philosophical thoughts by introducing it in open houses. people get together to exchange problems, ideas and solutions to make this world a better place to live. In these strife-ridden times, philosophy is the only hope towards world peace. It brings democracy, justice, human rights and equality into the forefront. Reflection of world issues and solutions to problems of the humanity are the focal point of philosophical analysis.

What to do:

On this day, the people around the world are encouraged to participate in discussions to reflect on contemporary issues the plague the world. The activities and events organized by various national and international institutions on this day include:

  • Philosophical dialogues, lectures, debates and meetings conducted by renowned philosophers
  • International conferences on topics of philosophy such as – relation between philosophy, culture and education
  • Exhibitions and book fairs specifically focused on philosophy
  • Philosophy cafes and theatres

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