World Nutella Day 2017

World Nutella Day 2017

World Nutella Day will be celebrated on February 5th every year. On this day, all of the Nutella lovers will unite to celebrate the Nutella Day by eating Nutella, preparing Nutella recipes and get creative with Nutella.

Nutella is the brand name of a spread, which is hazelnut flavored registered by the Italian company Ferraro at the end of 1963. This spread recipe is found from an earlier Ferraro spread released in 1949.
Nutella is sold over 75 countries. For Nutella Lovers Nutella is more than just a Chocolaty hazelnut spread, it is one of the way of life.

Gianduja is a mixture of 50% almond and hazel nut paste and 50% chocolate. It was formulated in Piedmont, Italy after taxes on cocoa beans blocked the diffusion of conventional chocolate.

Nutella is the altered form of Ganduja. This recipe is guarded closely and kept secret by Ferraro. This product will include sugar and vegetable (palm) oils followed by cocoa solids, hazel nut and skimmed milk. Nutella has half calories from fat and other 40% comes from sugar. This product cannot be labeled as chocolate cream in Italian Law, as it does not have minimum cocoa solids criteria.

Nutella Day is an important and interesting day to celebrate, to get creative, imaginative and most importantly to “EAT NUTELLA”.

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