World Nature Conservation Day 2017

Mother Nature has provided us several things like water and soil depending on which we, human beings, can lead our life peacefully. The human beings, in thirst of technology, have created several things few of which are destroying the Nature’s gifts. After the initiation of the damage, few of us realized the importance of the green. They started making other people get aware of the importance of the conservation of Nature for the sake of human beings.

Mahatma Gandhi says, “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s needs, but not every man’s greed.” The human beings are disturbing the Nature’s balance and thus facing the results. Extinction of animals, natural disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes, depletion of ozone layer are few of the results of the man-made mistakes. Deforestation, polluting the water and air, over extraction of minerals, unlimited usage of plastic that are not soluble in the soil - are few of the major mistakes. The day aims at creating the awareness among the present and future generations regarding the importance of the conservation to avoid major disasters.

When is celebrated?

World Nature Conservation Day is celebrated annually on 28th of July.

Celebrations of the day:

The day is celebrated around the world. Government agencies, Non Government organizations, schools, Zoological parks etc conduct campaigns, lectures, seminars, competitions and events to bring the awareness among the citizens. Conducting rally or marathon, pasting relevant postures, group tree plantation, cleaning the locality are part of the celebrations of the day.

Importance of the World Nature Conservation Day:

The day is rather important to make the people think about conservation of the nature. It is surprising to know that there are thousands of species in the list of vulnerable. Global warming, generation of new viruses, reduction of drinkable water - are just few of the troubles of human beings to mention as the list is rather big. These are the results of the man made mistakes. Though scientists are working out for the solutions, the actions are not equivalent to the damage we are causing to the nature. ‘Reusing and recycling’ is one of the solutions that are encouraged on the day.

Though World Environment Day, which falls in the month of June, is also celebrated with the same kind of motto; the World Nature Conservation Day has its own importance as it stress more on the conservation of Nature. Yet, the implications of the objectives of the days bring out the same results i.e., saving the Mother Earth.

Activities of the day:

- Participate in any of the events, competitions or seminars

- Write an article on the conservation of the nature

- Take pictures related to the day and post them in social websites

- Organize campaigns or events

- Encourage the people in your neighborhood to reuse and to recycle

- Explain people the importance of the trees and take oath the papers will be utilized wisely

- Go for a picnic or go to zoo to enjoy the nature

- Donate for any animal in the zoo

- Discourage the use of plastic bags

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