World Multiple Sclerosis Day 2017

Why Celebrate World Multiple Sclerosis Day?

The brain, optic nerves and spinal cord can all be affected by this disease called Multiple Sclerosis. Persons with this neurological disorder may experience mild to moderate symptoms and deteriorate with each passing day. Typically the disorder causes problems with muscle control, balance, vision and other basic body functions before gradually ravaging the body. While patients with mild symptoms do not require any treatment, the more severely affected have difficulty coping with basic daily tasks. World Multiple Sclerosis Day is a day of remembrance as it unites the MS community from all over the world.

How to Celebrate the Day?

All activities on this day share a common thread as the global MS community comes together raising awareness about the illness, its probable causes, care for persons with MS and so on. These people share stories and campaign for the rights of persons affected by the disease. The importance of the day lies in providing information about the illness to the general public, who tend to look differently on a person affected with the disease. Today, cases of Multiple Sclerosis can be found worldwide in almost every country.

What is the Importance of the Day?

MS usually affects young adults in the age group 25-31. Unfortunately the persons affected with various stages of MS number more than 2.3 million globally. The importance of the day is not to celebrate with those affected alone. Rather the emphasis should be on helping those affected by the illness to cope with the problems of day to day living. No cure has been found for this illness, perhaps because the causes have not yet been determined. Treatment for MS is symptomatic making all awareness activities on this day all the more important. In  addition, there is no refuting the fact that thousands are diagnosed with MS every year.

Tracing the Origin of the Day

World Multiple Sclerosis  Day has been observed on in May every year since its inception in 2009. The global  MS community has grown dramatically with increased awareness. The community has touched the lives of millions and continues to reach out to many more people in 78 countries globally.The origin of the day can be traced to a joint effort by the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation and member organizations in different countries as well as groups and individuals associated with this movement.

Activities on this Day

The activities on this day aim to not only create awareness about the importance of the day by improving the lives of persons affected by this neurological disorder as well as create a world free from MS. For millions of people, World Multiple Sclerosis Day is dedicated to awareness and sharing. Reflect on activities and ways to actively participate in the event. Activities that generate awareness and importance of the day include lectures, cultural activities, media events and  gatherings. Every action and activity, regardless of its size counts in this global movement. As more voices join in the various activities, the message from the global MS community resonates loud and clear.

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