World Maths Day 2015

World maths day date is 14th October 2015

World Math Day is a yearly math competition held online for 48 hours usually in the first week of March.  Students from all over the world play at home and at school in live games testing mental math ability. Each game is of one minute duration and participants can play up to 100 games. The competition has five ascending levels of the game with each level having 20 games. Students who get the most questions right enter the Hall of Fame. Correct answers by students are tracked on the Mathometer and a medal tally is displayed country wise. The country with the most medals wins the World Math Cup. World Math Day is one of the main events that constitute the World Education Games.  The World Math Day is organized by 3P Learning, an e-learning centre based in Australia in conjunction with UNICEF to raise funds for education needs in Africa and other poor countries. 


  • On 13th March 2007 the fist World Math Day was held and in 48 hours 98 countries and 287,000 students participated. The success ensured World Math Day an annual event.
  • In 2008, practice sessions began by February with one million students and 150 countries participating.
  • In 2009, a brand new website for the World Math day was launched in the February practice session. Nearly 2 million students from 204 countries took part in the online games.
  • A Guinness World Record in 2010 was set with 2.5 million students from 236 countries.  Some new rules and games were also introduced.
  • 2011 saw the World Math Day become part of the World Education Games.
  • In 2012 the number of participating students and countries is expected to cross last year’s numbers.


Schools and students should participate to increase their skills of arithmetic, to develop skills of logic and reasoning, to pit themselves against students across the world in their age group, to test, learn, develop confidence and build strong personalities. The truest advantage is that students overcome their fear of Mathematics to find out that Math is truly an interesting and challenging subject.  It’s a fun method of improving math skills and promoting numeracy.

Participation in the online competition is free of charge; only access to the Internet is required. School and students need to register themselves and receive simple instructions to get started. Practice sessions start in February and the competition is in March. Students are assigned to a class in their age group and compete with children of the same age. Each student is limited to 100 games in their category. One game is for a minute and one point is awarded for each correct answer.

Students with the top score receive a minted gold medal, the top ten scorers also receive gold medals and all participants get a Digital participation certificate.

World Maths Day 2013 Winners

4-7 Years

1 Sandali Rajapakse, Salcombe Prep School, England, U.K
2 Becky Lai, Undercliffe Public School, Australia
3 Beykent Doga T, Beykent Doga College, Turkey
4 Martin Egemen, Izmir Ata Koleji, Turkey
5 Tuna Yanki, Izmir Ata Koleji, Turkey
6 Tapkac Deniz, Izmir Ata Koleji, Turkey
7 Abeeha Saud Khan, Beaconhouse School, Mandi Bahauddin, Pakistan
8 Usman Amir, Millennium School Mirpur, Pakistan & Tuna Can, Izmir Ata Koleji I, Turkey

8-10 Years

1 Rohith Niranjan, Indian International School, Japan
2 Vihangi Rajapakse, Salcombe Prep School, England, UK
3 Leon Hemmings, Team Australia, Australia
4 Martin Egemen, Izmir Ata Koleji, Turkey
5 Yousuef Mazahim, Orbit International School (Khobar), Saudi Arabia
6 Aditya Chittari, New Albany Elementary, Albany, USA
7 Ugo Dos Reiss, American International School of Bucharest, Romania
8 Daniyal Nabeel, Australian International School, UAE
9 Evan Manning, Team New Zealand, New Zealand
10 Chloe Tsang, Chinese International School, Hong Kong

11-13 Years

1 Ali Saud Khan, Beaconhouse School Mandi Bahauddin, Pakistan
2 Meet Somaiya, SN Kansagra, India
3 Alihan Uz, Kurtkoy Doga Koleji, Turkey
4 Choong Mingern, Cempaka School CH, Malaysia
5 Sachin Kumar Mital, Canadian International School, Hong Kong
6 Filip Szary, Team England, England
7 Hassan Feroze Tarrar, Beaconhouse School Mandi Bahauddin, Pakistan
8 Karl Hemmings, Riverina Anglican College, Australia & Willem Ebbinge, Remarkables Primary School, New Zealand

14-18 Years

1 Husnain Ali Abid, FFC Grammar School, Pakistan
2 Aaron Herrman, Team Seaford, Australia
3 Edwin See Jun Hong, Team Malaysia, Malaysia
4 Low Chuenleik, Cempaka School CH, Malaysia
5 Hussain Ali, Bloomfield Hall Upper School, Pakistan
6 Panayioti Kapodistrias, St Spyridon College, Australia
7 Hassan Ali A, FFC Grammar School, Pakistan
8 Mohammed Shaan R, Team England, England, U.K
9 Danial Binmuhammadsyafiq, Cempaka School CH, Malaysia
10 Yi Shuen L, Cempaka Schools DH, Malaysia

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