World Lymphoma Awareness Day 2017

World Lymphoma Awareness Day 2016 theme is "Small things make the biggest difference" .


In 2004, World Lymphoma Awareness Day was started to spread awareness about lymphoma which is a common form of cancer. World Lymphoma Awareness Day is held on September 15 each year since its inception. World Lymphoma Awareness Day was started by Lymphoma coalition which is a non profit organization of lymphoma patients spread across the world. As a matter of fact, very few people know about lymphoma form of cancer and its associated symptoms. Lymphoma is a life threatening disease and the number of people diagnosed with lymphoma is increasing every day. World Lymphoma Awareness Day is a step towards raising general public awareness about the symptoms and treatment associated with lymphoma. The aim is to help early diagnosis of lymphoma which will lead to early and more importantly timely treatment.

Lymphoma is a cancerous disease that attacks lymph nodes. World Lymphoma Awareness Day consists of two campaigns viz., know your node campaign and beacons of hope campaign. The know your node campaign aims to generate public awareness about the lymph nodes and functioning of lymph nodes and lymphatic system along with causes, symptoms and diagnosis of lymphoma. The know your node campaign was created with a basic fact in mind that very few people knew about lymphoma as a cancerous disease and even fewer people knew about lymphoma. The awareness about lymph nodes and lymphatic system was also found to be very poor among general public. These facts were gathered by the lymphoma coalition during an international survey conducted by it in 2006. With these statistics in mind the lymphoma coalition initiated know your nodes campaign. Since the signs and symptoms of lymphoma are very similar to the signs and symptoms of other illness, a general awareness about lymphoma will help people recognise the lymphoma symptoms and in turn will aid in better and timely treatment. This is a life saving initiative with a noble cause. The other part of the World Lymphoma Awareness Day is Beacons of Hope campaign. The beacon of hope campaign was also started in 2006 to encourage people suffering from lymphoma by bringing forth real life inspirational stories of people suffering from lymphoma. The aim is to provide the much needed encouragement to the people suffering from lymphoma and to help them fight the disease. Beacon of hope campaign appoints global beacon of hope ambassadors who in turn act to spread hope and vigour to fight the disease along with general awareness among the public about lymphoma. The beacon of hope ambassadors are nominated by the members of lymphoma coalition. 

Since its inception in 2004, World Lymphoma Awareness Day has helped many people suffering from lymphoma. It is an international event and has made its mark by organising various awareness campaigns and events. World Lymphoma Awareness Day celebration and events has provided a platform for various people associated with lymphoma like doctors, nurses, health associations, patients and their relatives to come together and share vital information and experience about lymphoma. World Lymphoma Awareness Day has not only helped the patients but also the human kind by giving such a wonderful platform to share, interact and exchange ideas and information about lymphoma.

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