World Lion Day 2017

Celebrate World Lion Day by Helping the Lions of World

Origin of the day

August 10th is specified as World Lion Day , and also just like further allocated “Days ,” the origin of this kind of a celebration is to enjoy something worldwide , and then consider just how the day , as well as how the person or entity becoming celebrated, affects our way of life. I could see a World Dhali Lama Day, or perhaps World Peace Day since it features real meaning to say to the method we are living our lives, together with our meditations with this affects the method we alter course. Therefore initially I wondered when lions really deserve a full day and whether or not we ought to really be considering the consequence that lions bring to our way of life.

Importance of the day

Lion Day goals to increase consciousness of the majestic hunter, the final feline, the emperor of the jungle, the large crispy kitty of the Serengeti… Hmm, we must always leave it at ‘king of the jungle’.

Essentially, it’s only about lions, but yet you’ve possibly got that from the term.

This occasion of the animal kingdom’s most breathtaking and fearsome animal was established by Big Cat Rescue, the world’s most significant certified sanctuary committed to large cats. August 15th is one day for individuals to get together from around the world to pay tribute to the powerful lion in as numerous ways as they can. However an exciting and thrilling occasion for any, its own fundamentals are depending in an exceedingly serious issue: lion numbers have got considerably dropped to the aim where the varieties must be placed on the endangered listing, exactly like their superior cousin the tiger.

How to Celebrate World Lion Day:

  • Make a donation to a development that is definitely preserving lions: Lion Guardians – donate right now!
  • Share the information regarding World Lion Day with your buddies by publishing an advice on Facebook or even tweeting on Twitter.
  • Know any kind of reporters or perhaps bloggers who’d be considering composing about World Lion Day along with the mess of lions? If you do, direct these to our site and the info available on the World Lion Day’s marketing campaign website as well as inquire further to blog or even write a write-up regarding World Lion Day and also lion preservation.
  • World Lion Day is a good chance for sports activities teams, business concerns which are named after lions or even make use of the lion in their company logo to support on the floor lion preservation by making a donation to Lion Guardians.
  • Participate in a close World Lion Day occasion or keep your own occasion. Require suggestions for a celebration? Visit the campaign’s site for suggestions and a listing of events.


Sustaining large populations of lions is important to conserving genetic variety and staying away from inbreeding. Environment loss and also conversion resulting in small, secluded populations is amongst the leading threats dealing with lion populations these days. Furthermore, lions have reached risk from indiscriminate eliminating by farmers shielding their livestock, poaching as well as unsustainable trophy exploring methods.

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