World Lindy Hop Day

World Lindy Hop Day originated in Harlem, New York City in the 1920s and 1930s. This festival allures people from all fronts of life irrespective of age, gender, race and nationality to experience this vibrant Afro American social dance. Grounded in corroboration and unity, World Lindy Hop Day is celebrated annually on 26th May, encouraging people to share and enjoy the countless advantages of this enduring and blissful dance.

How to Celebrate the Day

The universal language of Lindy Hop alias swing dancing or jitterbug features creative and enliven movements, allowing partners to connect in a way uplifting the spirit, promoting human connection and developing generosity. The goal of World Lindy Day is to dance to a larger global arena, allowing dancers to meet in a positive ambiance which supports the development of bridges on community, global and personal levels.

Importance of the day

Lindy Hop is celebrated across the globe to jazz and big band music. People from diverse origins treat one another with warmth and respect wherever Lindy Hop is performed. The 2014 celebration commemorated the birth centenary of Frankie Manning and was officially celebrated as World Lindy Hop Day. Born in Florida on 26th May 1914, Frankie was one of the main creators of Lindy Hop and the most influential figure in the history of swing dance. After relocating to Harlem, he first viewed dancing at ball rooms and rent parties. By the early 1930’s Frankie was a regular performer at the renowned Savoy Ballroom.


People from different cultures look at each other with affection and respect at the time of Lindy Hop celebration.

This year the World Lindy Hop Day will be held in Rome, from May 22- 26. It is going to be a happy gathering of Lindy Hoppers from across the globe to celebrate the occasion and Frankie’s birthday. The epic event will be marked by astounding bands, live music, outdoor dances, social dances, lectures, panel discussions, live shows, taster classes and workshops conducted by implausible teachers.

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