World Laughter Day 2017

World Laughter Day was set up in 1998 by Dr. Kataria to help people feel emotionally healthy and connected to others. Laughing triggers good hormones and good changes in the physical body which boost the immune system and energy levels. Laughter has also been to reduce pain and protect from stress.


May 7, 2017 Sunday

Importance of event:

Laughter is a really positive emotion and best of all, it is free. It helps people become childlike and playful. The idea behind such a movement was to encourage people to lower barriers and become completely relaxed, regardless of the company. Laughter has been shown to relax muscles for periods of 45 minutes of more. It also leads to happier people who are better adjusted with a good attitude to life. When muscles are relaxed, they are able to do their job of carrying oxygen to the heart better, protecting against heart attacks etc.

Laughter helps people be more enthusiastic about life with a lowered level of anxiety or even fear. Humor and laughter help people have a positive and optimistic outlook on life. Laughter Yoga is another option available to people – it is based on the concept that the body thrives on positive occurrences like being among people, creating new bonds through laughter and social interaction.

One doesn’t have to belong to clubs or groups to make laughter a part of their life – opportunities to laugh can be created by watching movies, sharing stories, playing with pets and children, reading a good book and making time for social activities. It is very important for people to express their feelings so that their needs are met. Laughter helps with spontaneity and lightness.

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