World Juggling Day 2017

World Juggling Day was conceived by the International Jugglers’ Association (IJA) with the idea of bringing together all the jugglers from all over the world to celebrate this wonderful ancient skill through a series of events and fun activities. The day is observed on the closest Saturday to 17th June, which is International Jugglers’ Day, as created in 1947 by the IJA.

Juggling, which is a physical skill that involves manipulation and balancing of props at the same time using one or both the hands of the juggler, is an ancient sport. On the day, the jugglers show their unbelievable juggling skills to the audience not only with balls or rings, but also with objects like knives or fire-torches! The main motto of the day is to spread the sport and bring together all the jugglers.

For the non-jugglers, this day is the opportunity to go and watch some wonderful shows and celebrate with fun activities – juggling picnics, trying a hand at juggling, start a forum online to learn more about this skilful sport and be a part of the many events hosted by IJA. In every way, the day can be a lot of fun to join thousands of jugglers for celebrations, great shows, championship competitions, seminars and workshops, and of course, try your hand at juggling!

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