World Information Architecture Day 2017

World IA Day 2017 theme is " "Information Strategy and Structure"."and celebrates on February 18 

Origin of the Day

World Information Architecture day is celebrated in the month of February every year across the globe. It focuses on the information architecture and aims to connect the entire world with different information systems. It is a one day event usually hosted by Information Architecture Institute. The event is spreaded across different countries and continents. With the help of the information people try to teach and share different ways to achieve the future of the information architecture. Millions of people engage in the celebrations of the events and contribute their work in the field of information technology. At many places different award ceremonies are organized to encourage the professionals in their specific domain.Schools and colleges come up with many creative ways to celebrate the day. Now it is celebrated at a very large scale to give it a proper recognition.

How to Celebrate the Day

World Information Architecture Day is celebrated everywhere in very innovative and creative manner.The professionals from the domain come forward and arrange workshops related to the domain knowledge. They share their unique ways and techniques that they apply on their research activities.They organize various fests, competitions, workshops, dramas, concerts where information architecture becomes the centre of discussions. They appeal for the betterment of the sector by using various new tools and methods. Internet has also played an integral part in promoting the day to the other parts of the world. Many companies and agencies are hosting the special day on their websites and get very good response from the visitors. They use social media like face book, twitter etc to promote the event at a bigger platform.


There are numerous activities organized on the social celebrations of World Information architecture Day. At various places people organize information sharing social campaign by choosing any technology and then they try to bring awareness. Government  is also organizing big events where they call different people who have done some or the other thing in the fields of information architecture and give them recognition, appreciation, certificates, accolade, prizes, memento etc in the public gatherings.Their is a dedicated website for this day and one can see the upcoming events and changes in the schedules. It also helps the people to nominate them in various activities and take the maximum advantage of it.

Importance of the Day

With the advent of information technology boom and globalization the transfer of knowledge has become very easy. Many companies and agencies are coining up to do their businesses with the help of various softwares. The World Information Architecture day provides a platform to the industry experts to share new things and fresh ideas on a bigger platform. Celebrating the day at international level plays a vital role in achieving the goals in the most productive direction. Apart from this it also helps the professional and practitioners of the domain to share a common platform where globally accepted standards and norms can be formulated and implemented.

World Information Architecture Day Slogans

2016 - "______________"

2015 - Architecting Happiness

2014 - Making the World a Better Place Through Information Architecture

2013 - The "Architecture" Part of IA

2012: Designing Structures for Understanding

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