World Ibd Day 2017

World IBD day is observed on 19th May every year in all countries and continents. IBD stands for Inflammatory Bowel Disease and on the similar lines this special day is dedicated to the IBD patients and their supporters. All the related organizations join hands to make the day a grand success and raise the underlying issues globally. They try to create more clarity about the subsequent effects of such diseases and their repercussions. There are more than 5 million people across the globe that are affected with such problems. Doctors and professionals organize various seminars to tell the society about the crucial diseases related to IBD and try to make the society healthy, fit and independent. The various research reports from the member countries show that these chronic diseases are spreading with a fast speed.

How to Celebrate the Day: 

World IBD Day is celebrated in all localities with open mind and productive purposes. The doctors from IBD domain offer awareness campaigns and share their experience with the patients. They try to encourage the patients that despite of being affected with the disease they can live a life full of happiness and opportunities. The finding of the events is that these people are not only facing the physical problems but also many social and financial bad incidences are happening to them. Several government and social departments are also giving their hand holding in all the observations to make the event fruitful and relevant to the victims. They promote it on the internet and get a lot of inquiries. A separate web page has also been created on facebook where people post their comments and views about their problems.


World IBD Day has become very popular and many activities are organized by several doctors and practitioners. Many hospitals and rehabilitation centers offer free health checkup camps for the affected patients. Doctors and professionals from the industry participate in the event to help the patients and tell them different ways of minimizing the after effect of IBD diseases. Doctors and consultants also show the case studies where people came out of their mental traumas and performed in their life. They also do motivations seminars to boost the confidence levels of the various patients.

Importance of the Day: 

World IBD Day has a key place in promoting the awareness related to the chronic diseases and their remedies to a larger platform. It offers all the practitioners an opportunity to meet at one stage and share their ways to handle with the problems. The supporters of these patients form a group and come up with various ways to support them mentally and financially. This way the patients feel connected and try to fight with their mental trauma. The events of this day are designed in such a manner that they cover all the cultures and ethnicities.Various nations organize it like a world level event by inviting the delegates from other countries and ask them to share their views.

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