World Humanist Day

World Humanist day anually celebrates on June 21st

Origin of Day:

The American Humanist Association started celebrating it in the mid-1980s.  Since quite a few chapters couldn’t agree on a day, the AHA and the International Humanist and Ethical Union decided to celebrate it on the day of the Summer Solstice.  


Currently, this is not a very well-known holiday around the globe.  Many organizations are promoting this holiday to increase awareness.  According to the AHA, Humanism is a philosophy which does not believe in any particular religion, supernatural belief systems or even god.  It is a way for people to realize and affirm their ability to live an ethical life and also live responsibly so that the greater good of humanity is promoted.

The aim of the AHA is to society as a whole to become progressive and strive for secular governance.  Ethical values grounded in philosophy and science are the core of the movement.  The movement also supports and encourages free thinking and helps people live ethical lives.  There are various ways in which members can express their opinions – through social media, publications and through conferences. 

Humanists believe that this holiday is a good platform for educating others about the positive aspects of their beliefs also how it can contribute to the betterment and education of the world.  Humanism is a way of life and it can promote harmony and caring for people and their environment. The AHA offers a platform and valuable tools for people to stand up and be heard.  The idea is to empower people and help them become effective humanists.

How to celebrate:

Celebrating this day is easy – how about organizing picnics for friends, family and people who share the same beliefs? Parties are another good way to celebrate – get together in a park or elsewhere.  Let every person bring a dish or some favorite foods and drinks.  Play games like Frisbee, Tag, word games, soccer or any sport which involves groups of people.

For those who are interested in the movement, there are different ways to participate – become a member, donate money to the cause, become an activist and also provide aid to needy people using humanist channels.  

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