World Hijab Day 2017

Hijab is the piece of cloth used to cover the head, by the Muslim women. Covering the head is the part of the Muslim tradition and many women feel that hijab is part of their identity and their faith. The day encourages Muslim and non-Muslim women, world-wide, wearing hijab and experiencing it.

Though many non-Muslim people cover their head due to different reasons, hijab wearing women face several problems as hijab was taken as oppression.  Many people around the world believed the force towards the women made them wearing hijab. This made a path to ill-treatment towards hijab wearing women and their suffering. Thus, hijab wearing women raised their voice saying hijab is a right of them.

When is World Hijab Day celebrated?

World Hijab Day is celebrated annually on 1st of February.

Origin of the day:

The day is established by Nazma Khan who is also one among the sufferers. Just like many other hijab wearing women, she too suffered from the bullying and ill-treatment. After moving from Bangladesh to the U.S., right from the schooling she had been suffering in different ways due to the hijab. She was called with names and faced odd looks. The bullying was worse after the terrorist attack on September 11. This made her to think about the possible solutions. Establishing a day was one of the ideas that struck her to make the world realize the feelings of hijabi women. She created a website named ‘’. The hijab women share their stories on the platform.

Celebrations of the day

Soon the day got recognized and the day is getting celebrated around the world, in around 116 countries. Muslim women, who are not wearing hajib, and non-Muslim women are requested to wear hajib to experience it as part of the celebrations. The website informs the place of the event and the participants from different areas can take part in it. The website provided need stuff like brochures and articles which can be used to organize the event. Women from different countries share their celebrations on the websites. Even shopping malls and few organizations also started celebrating the day asking the women among the public are asked to wear hajib and step into the shoes of hajibi women for a day.

Importance of the day

Many countries believe that hajib is oppression. The women among these countries suffer in different ways. For example the female students of France were asked not to wear religious symbolic costume as the country banned religious symbol from schools; in United States women wearing hijab were targeted, abused and bullied after 11th September incident; and even the countries among Egypt, where wearing hijab is a common practice, the women not wearing hijab were given more prominence during the allotment of foreign missions and of many other tasks. Thus, the day has grabbed great importance to support hijab wearing women.


One can choose any of the following activities

  • Conduct any event or activity that help to the motto of the day
  • Participate in any of the event of the day
  • Try wearing hijab, if you are not a hijab wearing women
  • Read the true stories of hijab wearing women from the websites
  • Contribute an article regarding the incident you or your friends have experienced due to hijab wearing

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