World Hello Day 2016

2016 World Hello Day is celebrates on November 21st

A friendship of a lifetime starts with a single smile – and nowhere else would this be more evident than the simple idea that drives World Hello Day. When was the last time that you smiled at someone whom you did not know? And how much does it take to greet a fellow human being with a warm smile? World Hello Day touches upon the finer aspects of life that deserve the attention and respect to make the world a peaceful place to live and love.

What is World Hello Day?

It doesn’t get any simpler than World Hello Day – it happens when people take initiatives in reaching out to others and greet them, lighting a smile in their lips and some joy in their hearts. You could participate in World Hello Day in November by walking up to 10 people and merely greeting them. And the beauty of this day is that it could be celebrated anywhere across the world, in any part of a nation, as long as you are willing to spread the cheer.

Why World Hello Day?

Have you ever wondered how fast life on this planet has come to be? Have you ever wished for relationships to have been more personal and less mechanistic? You are in sync with the underlying philosophies of World Hello Day. When you greet someone, you make them realize how good the world is, and how easy it is to resolve disputes and solve problems without the need to use any force. This is the perfect opportunity to reinforce the power of love and the depth of human relations.

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