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World Heart Day Slogans
2015 "Heart-Healthy Environments".
2014 "heart-healthy environments".
2013 "Take the road to a healthy heart".
2012 " One World, One Home, One Heart ".
2011 "One World, One Home, One Heart".
2010 "Workplaces Wellness: Take responsibility for your own heart health"
2009 "Work with Heart"
2008 "Know your risk!"
2007 "Team up for Healthy Hearts!"
2006 "How Young is Your Heart?"
2005 "Healthy Weight, Healthy Shape"
2004 "Children, Adolescents and Heart Disease"
2003 "Women, Heart Disease and Stroke"
2002 "Obesity, Physical Activity and Nutrition"
2001 "A Heart for Life"
2000 "Physical Activity"

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