World Health Day 2014 Theme

World Health Day Slogans
2014 "Vector-borne diseases"
2013 "high blood pressure"
2012 "Ageing and Health"
2011 "anti-microbial resistance"
2010 "Urbanisation & Health"
2009 "Save lives,Make Hospitals Safe in Emergencies"
2008 "Protecting health from the adverse effects of climate change"
2007 "International health security"
2006 "Working together for health"
2005 "Make every mother and child count"
2004 "Road safety"
2003 "Shape the Future of Life: Healthy Environments for Children"
2002 "Move for Health"
2001 "Mental Health: Stop Exclusion, Dare to Care"
2000 "Safe Blood Start with Me"
1999 "Active Aging Makes the Difference"
1998 "Safe Motherhood"
1997 "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
1996 "Healthy Cities for Better Life"
1995 "Global Polio Eradication"

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