World Health Day Theme 2016

2016 World Health Organization main focus on awareness about diabetes

World Health Organisation: Diabetes

World Health Organisation comes up with awareness programs every year on a particular disease which increase the middle class medical expenses throughout their ages.

World Health Organisation 2016 has focused to raise awareness on increase Diabetes disease which mostly affecting the low and middle income age generies in different countries. The following raise is documented and a belief that could raise to worst cases by the year 2030.

Number of cases affected with type Two diabetes are in large number, which can be reduced by improvising LifeStyle Measures, Physical Activities on daily basis, control on extra large mass growth and increase in intake of healthy diet that stabilises the function of body. The following condition can reduce the diabetes as well as stop’s increase of risk towards diabetes.

Diabetes can be treatable and reduce complication with proper self management as well as treatment which is affordable.

The key aspect of World Health Organisation is to prevent growth of diabetes and increase the measures to treat diabetes which will be effective of increasing achievement in Global Sustainable Development. To increase the measures of understanding the disease's, eradication and reduce the non communicable disease to one third in the future coming years. The following is possible only through large sector societies which play a key role such as Large Government sectors, Educators Manufacturers, Media groups, Manufacturers and Individuals themself.

Goal Conversion of WHO on WH Day 2016:

The Campaign includes rise in awareness about diabetes, it causes, effects and ways to reduce or overcome the disease especially with respect to Low and Middle Income Countries.

Provide free Health camps to reduce the fact of knowing the causes of disease and other effective & affordable actions.

Launch global report on diabetes, the factors that increase the burden and consequences of diabetes which helps in increase of stronger enhancement in prevention of diabetes.

Causes and types of Diabetes:

Diabetes is one of the top 10 major diseases count that are expanding due to definitions of food, uneven food measures, external stress and many more. These include state of insulin generation to maintain sugar levels in blood which are used for energy generation very less and makes them to depend on things that make them serve the needs from outside through an insulin which is considered as Type One Diabetes. Type two diabetes includes insufficient growth of insulin internally for growth of energy conservation levels and leads to cell damages. The following type two are included with people who have very large bodies and includes raise in insulin need even though the body measures to generate insulin internally but could not use the naturally developed insulin through Pancreas. Type Two diabetes are considered to be 90% of the total and considered to be one of the largest death raised ratios of all disease with an expectation of moving into top death rates through a disease.

World Health Day Slogans
2016  "Diabetes"
2015 "Food Safety"
2014 "Vector-borne diseases"
2013 "high blood pressure"
2012 "Ageing and Health"
2011 "anti-microbial resistance"
2010 "Urbanisation & Health"
2009 "Save lives,Make Hospitals Safe in Emergencies"
2008 "Protecting health from the adverse effects of climate change"
2007 "International health security"
2006 "Working together for health"
2005 "Make every mother and child count"
2004 "Road safety"
2003 "Shape the Future of Life: Healthy Environments for Children"
2002 "Move for Health"
2001 "Mental Health: Stop Exclusion, Dare to Care"
2000 "Safe Blood Start with Me"
1999 "Active Aging Makes the Difference"
1998 "Safe Motherhood"
1997 "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
1996 "Healthy Cities for Better Life"
1995 "Global Polio Eradication"

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