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  • International Stuttering Awareness Day 2014
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  • World Development Information Day 2014
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  • UN Disarmament Week 2014
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  • World Psoriasis Day 2014
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  • World Savings Day 2014
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  • World Vegan Day 2014
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  • World Radiography Day 2014
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  • International Tongue Twister Day 2014
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  • World Pneumonia Day 2014
    World Pneumonia Day observance international on 12th November and 2014 theme "Innovate to End Child Pneumonia"... Read More IMAGE: worldpneumoniaday
  • World Kindness Day 2014
    November 13th is celebrated as the World Kindness Day. A day designated to realize the need for a more compassionate and kinder world.... Read More IMAGE: pixabay
  • World Diabetes Day 2014
    World diabetes day 2014 theme is "Healthy Living and Diabetes" and celebrates every year on November 14th... Read More IMAGE: pixabay
  • International Day of Tolerance 2014
    Purpose of celebrating international day of tolerance is to promoting the act of tolerance.... Read More IMAGE: pixabay

The World Health Day is celebrated each year on 7th April under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization (WHO), to draw worldwide attention to the importance of global health. The first world health assembly was held in 1948 and decided to celebrate the World Health Day each year in effect from 1950. Every year WHO observes a different cause which is one of the main global health issues and this year on April 7, 2011, the focus is on Urbanization and Health. In 2009 the slogan was 'Save Life make Hospital Safe in Emergency' and in 2008 it was 'Protecting Health from Climate Change'. Each year different issues are recognized and tried to overcome so as to improve the health standard around the world.

This year's campaign of "1000 cities 1000 lives" will be organized to promote the cities and towns to conduct health benefiting activities around the world health day week. '1000 cities' campaign calls upon all cities worldwide to open up a portion of streets to the people to promote any health activities for one day during the week of April 7 to 11 by conducting community forums, initiating clean up campaigns, and conducting school based seminars and initiatives. And '1000 lives' campaigns is to collect 1000 stories of urban health champions, who undertook activities that helped to improved the health condition in their cities according to WHO rating. The campaign reveals the impacts of urban living on human health and encourages efforts to improve the city life condition to a healthier one.

Urbanization is one of the biggest challenges of twenty first century and is associated to a number of health risk related to unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, use of alcohol and tobacco and polluted air and water and poor sanitation. More and more people living in the cities and urban area can cause a lot of health issues in the coming few years. Over three billion people live in the urbanized area and out of which one billion are slum dwellers. And the urban slum region has an increased risk of health problems like tuberculosis and AIDS than others. The poor health standard in urban slum is because of the dense population and low sanitation facilities. Urban planning can bring about healthy behavior and safety by improvising the living condition in urban areas, by introducing areas for physical activities and by regulating the use of tobacco and alcohol. This year the WHO has decided to take action so that they can ensure healthy living in growing cities and reduce the risk of disease in these areas.

The objectives of the World Health Day 2011, is to draw worldwide attention of the effect of urbanization on health. And promote the action against the impact of urbanization on society and individual health. It also plans at creating awareness among urban dwellers on the effect different risk factors. It tries to make the people conscious of various factors and provoke the people to take action against the urbanization Health Risks like increased exposure to environmental factors, increased exposure to risk factor of non communicable and communicable diseases like HIV, TB and influenza and the increased exposure to road injury and exposure to violence.

The world health day is celebrated by organizing different local, national and international events to educate the public and policy makers about a specific aspect of the World Health Organization's work. The list of events includes conferences for health workers, seminars for local politicians and informational displays for school children and young citizen. Public marches, demonstrations and shows are organized to educate the people about the theme of that year's world health day. This day, free or low priced medical checkups and medical camps are conducted at different places around the world. Some school conducts essay competition and painting competition on the theme of the World Health Day that year, to honor it

The theme of The World Health day should not only be recognized on that specific day or year. The importance of the issue should be understood clearly and the citizen along with the World Health Organization and the activists should function hand in hand towards the achievement of the goals laid down. The WHO can only create awareness and promote the realization of the goals of the year. The main hand behind should be the common people who work to create a healthy world tomorrow.

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