World Health Day Activities

The World Health Organization highlights one of its priorities for world health issue each year. And the World health Day sponsored by WHO is observed each year on April 7 to recognize this health issue. The World Health Day came into effect from April 7 1950 and each year has been dedicated by the WHO towards the achievement of the goals of the global health issue. On the day, various activities and programs are planned to create awareness and to the specific heath issue. From the time of implementing the WHO, it has worked for the welfare of the people and society and has helped in eradicating diseases like small pox.

Over the past years the WHO through the World Health Day has worked on health issues like maternal and child care, health and climate change, mental health, road safety and many more. This year it focuses on Urbanization and Health. Today more than 3 billion people live in the urban regions. Urbanization has indeed created better living conditions and job opportunity and better housing and other facilities but, urbanization also has direct impact on health issues. The economically backward slums in the urban regions are more prone communicable diseases like AIDS and TB.

The campaign of 1000 cities 1000 lives will be promoted this year to observe the year's issue, Urbanization and Health. The campaign aims at many states organizing a one day event on sports and health related issue in the week of April 7 to 11, 2011. The event aims in promoting the health related policies and to make the politicians and stakeholders take into account the long term and short term effect of urban policies on the health of the citizen. The campaign also provides an occasion to publicize and enhance the effort of local heroes to improve the health condition in their municipality.

The celebration of World Health Day is marked by activities that extent beyond that single day and serves to focus public attention on these important aspect of global health.0n the day, various local, national and international events are arranged so as to educate the public on the importance of the health issue. Conferences are conducted for doctors and health workers on the topic of the year and public talks and shows are arranged around the week to create awareness among the public. This creates a more in depth understanding of the issue and helps to realize the goal through the common man. At the school level informational displays and exhibitions are organized to educate the children about the issue and its impact. Some schools also conduct essay writing, painting and quiz competition in the World Health week. During the week, free and affordable medical checkups and medical camps are also organized throughout the world. Talk shows and TV programs are also conducted to create awareness and help the people to work towards the fulfillment of the goals.

It has been found that motor vehicles and automobiles causes a significant health impact due to the green house gases like carbon monoxide which can result in global warming and change in climate. During this world health day the streets and public spaces will be opened up to promote health activities like cycling, walking and clean up campaigns. This year will aim in planting trees to introduce greenery across the cities and town. This year the World Health Day highlights the effect of urbanization and encourages efforts to make the cities and town a healthier place to live in.

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