World Habitat Day 2015 Theme

World Habitat Day 2015 Information

Year Theme Venue
2015 "Public Spaces for All"  
2014 "Voices from Slums"  
2013 "Urban Mobility"  
2012 "Changing cities, building opportunities"  
2011 Cities and Climate Change  
2010 Better City, Better Life Shanghai World Expo
2009 Planning our urban future Washington, D.C.
2008 Harmonious Cities Luanda, Angola
2007 A safe city is a just city The Hague, Netherlands
    Monterrey, Mexico
2006 Cities, magnets of hope Naples
2005 The Millennium Development Goals and the City Jakarta
2004 Cities - Engines of Rural Development Nairobi
2003 Water and Sanitation for Cities Rio de Janeiro
2002 City-to-City Cooperation Brussels
2001 Cities without Slums Fukuoka
2000 Women in Urban Governance Jamaica
1999 Cities for All Dalian
1998 Safer Cities Dubai
1997 Future Cities Bonn
1996 Urbanization, Citizenship and Human Solidarity Budapest
1995 Our Neighbourhood Curitiba
1994 Home and the Family Dakar
1993 Women and Shelter Development New York City
1992 Shelter and Sustainable Development New York City
1991 Shelter and the Living Environment Hiroshima
1990 Shelter and Urbanization London
1989 Shelter, Health and the Family Jakarta
1988 Shelter and Community London
1987 Shelter for the Homeless New York
1986 Shelter is my Right Nairobi

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