World Goth Day 2017

World Goth Day is the only day where Goths get to have a day of their own committed to embrace their outer and inner Goth.

The first World Goth Day was evolved in May 22nd 2009 by BBC6 music with a musical subculture weekend.  Since then the Goth feature turned into a worldwide event and decided that the event would be held regularly. As the tradition continued and spread outside the UK, World Goth Day launched its own website initiated to organize and advertise the events globally.

How to celebrate World Goth Day?

Do you live a gothic lifestyle?  If so it's time to celebrate World Goth Day on this 22nd May 2017.

World Goth Day is meant to celebrate the sub cultural characteristics of the Goth subculture that include many of the events like art exhibitions, music and fashion shows. Many of the events feature local Goth bands and World Goth Day Awards to celebrate their scene with concerts and events and can vote to your best Goth model. You can organize a special Goth night in your area and get a local DJ involved and make this event a memorable one.

Goths across the world wear black clothes, white make-up, and approach the world to get in touch with the dark side. You can even talk to your local radio station and let them play at least a couple of Goth-themed songs.

It is the day to go get your Goth on! Wear black and unleash your inner Goth for Goth Day and make your Goth presence known to the rest of the world.

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