World Glaucoma Day 2017

World Glaucoma Day March for Sight

Attention and insufficient information concerning the disease, now there is switched a significant fatal for the highest areas of population in the world. To increase consciousness among the individuals concerning the disease Glaucoma, 12 March is globally known as World Glaucoma Day.

Because of its own severness and also fatality, glaucoma continues to be referred as the 'silent felon of sight’. The early on identification and treatment methods are important as it can distort ideas which enables you to lead to irreversible blindness as well as therefore it is really necessity of time that folks ought to be made conscious and very careful to battle the threat of Glaucoma in these days lifestyle .

Fellow Dominicans World Glaucoma Day was set up two (2) years back to improve community consciousness about glaucoma. This season the World Glaucoma Body has recommended that weekly March 7-13, 2010 ought to be used for numerous activities. In the Caribbean area it is often proposed that a concurrent “walk for sight” ought to be kept on Saturday March 13, 2010 in every island. The members ought to wear T-shirts with the flag of their small island printed onto it. The stroll is to be videotaped. The videotaped marches from almost all the islands are going to be combined into an immense Caribbean Glaucoma March video clip to transmit all over the world.

Importance of the day

Glaucoma is among the major reasons behind preventable blindness in Ireland. Since Ireland’s populace ages, the degree of eye disease is predicted to increase also. However, early on identification of Glaucoma has got high-quality results therefore the key important message for individuals is usually to be conscious of the disease in order to have normal eye well-being checks. A basic eye physical checkup may pick up the problem early and therapy, which mostly includes using eye drops, signifies a lot of people maintain the view for life.

How to celebrate the day

The best method to guard your sight from glaucoma is always to get an extensive eye assessment. Then, when you have glaucoma, therapy can begin instantly. For those who have each of the risk factors laid out above, normal eye tests are crucial; an illustration of suggested frequency is defined below:

• Aged 20-29: vision exam each 3-5 years            

• Aged 30-39: each 2-4 years

• Aged 40-64: just about every 2 years

• Aged 65 or even older: just about every 1-2 years


When you observe any signs and symptoms you might have already missing up to 70% of your own vision. It impacts around 1% of the human population, particularly as you grow older, even though it can impact anyone at whatever age. Have you been at risk? When anyone in your loved ones has had glaucoma, or perhaps you could be over 40, you will have ever had the eyes injury or surgery, or perhaps you are a woman, or else you come from particular ethnic groups, you might be at risk.

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