World Doll Day 2017

This particular day was designated in 1986 by a lady named Mildred Seeley to spread the message of happiness and love around the world.

Importance of day

The aim is to celebrate caring for and loving another. The logo for the holiday is important as it promotes dolls and their importance for children – both boys and girls, during their childhood. The day can be celebrated by giving dolls to a friend or loved ones, regardless of their age.

Why not encourage youngster to get back to simpler times of playing with dolls and exercise their imagination? Dolls and toys are far more accessible these days – they are also available in a variety of materials like plastic, wood and porcelain. Many of them are very lifelike as well.

How to celebrate

World Doll Day is celebrated on the 2nd Saturday in June every year. 2016 marks the 30th year of celebrating this wonderful idea. One can celebrate this day by presenting a doll from a different culture. Narrating stories along with presenting dolls is a great way to learn how to relate to others.


Since its inception, doll collectors and others celebrate by holding exhibits of dolls from different countries, by collections and also by stories. Industry specific magazines put out special editions of magazines to celebrate this day. Doll making competitions are also held to encourage people to get together and develop new hobbies. This is a great way to connect and make new friends with similar interests.

Age is never a factor for people who are interested in specific items like dolls. Give a doll to a child or an adult and forge new relationships. One doesn’t have to wait till Christmas or World Doll Day to reach out and spread happiness with a doll. So many children are in need – send love and happiness with a doll. Share stories of your activities along with pictures. These stories can always be shared on websites or magazines – create happy communities with dolls.

Doll Day Quotes

The ugly duckling is a misunderstood universal myth. It's not about turning into a blonde Barbie doll or becoming what you dream of being; it's about self-revelation, becoming who you are.
- Baz Luhrmann

I thought the Barbie doll would always be successful.
- Ruth Handler

I had a Super Grover doll growing up. Super Grover was very clumsy, he wasn't very good-looking. But in his own way he'd always save the day.
- Dave Grohl

Barbie is just a doll.
- Mary Schmich

The world of a comic strip ought to be a special place with its own logic and life... I don't want the issue of Hobbes's reality settled by a doll manufacturer.
- Bill Watterson

I do myself up kind of like a doll. I have a doll collection and I look at their outfits and kind of imitate them.
- Taylor Momsen

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