World Diabetes Day 2016

The theme of World Diabetes Day 2016 is "Eyes on Diabetes".2015 theme is "Healthy Living and Diabetes", 2014 theme is "Healthy Living and Diabetes" and 2013 theme is "Diabetes Education and Prevention"

World diabetes day is being celebrated on 14th of November of every year around the world to raise awareness among peoples about diabetes. Let me tell you what Diabetes are? In simple words we can explain Diabetes as an illness which occurs due to the problem in production and supply of insulin in the body. In large towns or metro cities, most of the people don’t eat healthy food, and also taking less exercise, that may be the major reason of this disease. You can use diet food and proper exercises to control Diabetes, but let me tell you frankly there is no permanent cure of Diabetes. This day was introduced in year 1991 by International Diabetes Federation (IDF) which is a worldwide alliance of more than 200 Diabetes associations from all over the world. The Purpose of IDF is to providing diabetic care and preventions to people and also finding the cure of diabetes. 14th November is the date of birth of Frederick Banting who along with Charles Best who invented insulin for treatment of diabetes patient’s way back in 1922. With the Resolution 61/225 of United Nation, it became the United Nations Day in 2007. For the period of 2009-2013 the theme is Diabetes Education and Prevention and the slogan for 2009 is Understand Diabetes and Take Control.

Diabetes Symptoms:

  • Weight Gain
  • Frequent urination
  • Disproportionate thirst
  • Intense Hunger
  • Unusual Weight Loss
  • Sexual dysfunction among men
  • Gums are red and/or swollen - Gums pull away from teeth
  • Blurred Vision

World Diabetes day is celebrated worldwide in more than 160 countries, all member States of the United Nations, healthcare professionals and many more. To take part in this day you can wear blue (the official color of the IDF), light a candle on your window or you can visit a diabetes screening center or information session near you. There are lots and lots of activities organized on this day. These activities includes Radio and Television Programs, Poster Awareness Campaigns, Social Exhibitions, Lightings at monuments and homes, Press Conferences, Diabetes Workshops, Screening of Documentaries films on Diabetes, Public Meeting to distribute information to general public, Sports events or Cycle Racing, Special events or activities for children and Newspaper or Magazine Articles. Every Year, this World Diabetes Day activity is center around the topics that related to diabetes. Let me introduce you people what all topics come under this theme. Diabetes and obesity, Diabetes and life style, Diabetes and human rights, Diabetes in children and adolescents are among few of the topics which cover under this. If we are discussing about the topics of Diabetes, then let me tell you that the present topic for year 2009-2013 is Diabetes Education and Prevention. About 285 million people from all over the world are affected by Diabetes and it is also expected that this figure may rise up to 435 million by year 2030 if no action implement to stop Diabetes.

World Diabetes day is a call to all those who are responsible for Diabetes care and can contribute to control it. For a diabetic patient, this is a message for empowerment education so that he can follow proper ways whether diet food or exercises to improve his health. For Doctors or healthcare professionals this is an alert to improve knowledge so that proper cure can be discovered. For government, it is a time to implement proper policies for prevention of diabetes. And for general public this is a call to be alert against Diabetes and understand the serious impact of diabetes. Let me also tell you about the symptoms of Diabetes. It includes Increased Thirst, Increased Hunger, Fatigue, Weight Loss, Increased Urination and Frequent Infections. Last World Diabetic day was celebrates few days back on 14 November 2009 with the theme of Diabetes Education and Prevention. This year, there are lots of diabetes stakeholders participate in this campaign, the main reason behind so many participants is that the theme selected is long term theme and marked for period of 2009-2013. Let’s speak about the logo of the World Diabetes day. This is represented by a blue circle logo. This blue circle resembles to the global symbol of diabetes and signifies the unity of the global diabetes community in response to the diabetes pandemic. In last, I would like to add ‘Prevention is better than cure’, as there is no need for any cure if we take proper steps and stay away from these kind of diseases through proper prevention. 

World Diabetes Day Theme

2005 Theme: Diabetes and Foot Care
2006 Theme: Diabetes in the Disadvantaged and the Vulnerable
2007-2008 Theme: Diabetes in Children and Adolescents
2009-2013 Theme: Diabetes Education and Prevention

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