World Development Information Day 2015

This was started in year 1972 by United Nation General Assembly, Every year this day is celebrated on 24th October. The purpose or reason behind celebrating this day is to drawing the attention of world public opinion towards the development problems and for strengthening International cooperation to solve them. In other words we may say that the purpose of celebrating this is to help draw the attention of the people worldwide to development problems. The aim of this event is to explain to the public that why this is necessary for supporting International cooperation to find ways to solve these problems. The main aim of celebrating World Development Information day is to inform or educate and motivate the general public towards finding the solutions for problems of trade and development problems. This day is an important day on development Calendar as it marks the need and importance of best and reliable development information to fight against social problems like poverty and inequality.

After discussing the introduction and purpose of World development Information Day, Let me tell you in brief about the History of World Development Information Day. This was formed in 1972 by United Nation Committee on Trade and Development measures of dissemination and mobilization of public opinion related to trade and development problem. The First World Development International Day was held on 24 October 1973. The Assembly has decided this particular date (24th October) because this was also the date of adoption of International Development Strategy which was founded in 1970. Here, I also want to state that there are lots and lots of changes come from that time till today’s modern time, the reason behind that is there are modern information technologies like Internet or Mobiles discovered. Let me tell you in brief about what all events are arranged on this day. Journalists play a vital role here as they work for different range of media like television, radio, internet sites, newspaper, magazines, etc. Direct Campaigns are arranged in some areas. These may also advertise through newspaper or radio or television and through posters in public areas. If we are discussing about the event celebrations of World Development Information Day then how can we forget to discuss about South Africa Region. In South Africa, there are combine gathering of Community Representatives with expertise in a particular area. Let’s briefly discuss what all kind of events was organized on this particular day in recent time. Lots of events and ceremonies are arranged all over the world for people attention toward this topic. Here Internet and Mobile Telephones are considered as the major source of alerting people and finding solutions for the problems of trade and development.

On Oct 21 2004, SANGONet hosted a special one day event for promoting World Development Information though its events and ceremonies. Let’s discuss about SANGONet NGO in brief. It was founded in 1987. This is among very few NGOs in Africa that deals in the field of Information communication technology with the purpose of finding the long term and sustainable solution for the South African development and trade problems. Opening ceremony was organized in presence of UN Representative. Then there are certain presentations presented by Government and Civil society on significance of World Development Information Day with highlighting key challenges and opportunities facing by the people. Apart from this presentation, there are 15 NGOs and some other social organizations exhibited their work throughout the day. In this conference, also a Non Profit marketing Workshop was arranged in order to increase the importance and role of both online and offline information sharing and communication to NGO for promoting their work.

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