World Consumer Rights Day 2017

World Consumer Rights Day 2017 theme is "Building a digital world consumers can trust".

2016 theme is "Antibiotics off the menu".

World Consumer Rights Day 2015 theme is "Make helping Consumers choose Healthy Diets" and 2014 theme is "Consumer Rights in the Digital Age"

World consumer rights day is celebrated every year on 15th March. President John F Kennedy was the first world leader who addressed the issues related to consumer rights to the US congress on 15th March 1962. On 15th March 1983 consumer organizations started observing that day for promoting global awareness on basic rights of consumers.

World Consumer Rights Day is an annual celebration and cooperation within the consumer international movement. The world marked this day with local initiatives, including press conferences, campaigns, workshops and street events which create awareness about the basic rights of all consumers. Participants requesting that these rights should be honored and protected, and protesting against the market abuses and malpractices which undermine them.

There are eight basic consumer rights which are right to- satisfaction of basic needs, safety, information, choice, be heard, redress, consumer education and healthy environment.

In campaigning for the consumers rights across the world, Consumers International (CI) provide corporation and seek to achieve changes in corporate behavior and government policy towards consumer rights. It also acts as a global watchdog against any practices or behavior that threatens and ignores the principles of consumer protection.

The theme of World Consumer Rights Day 2013 is 'Consumer Justice Now!’ this theme will be about drawing attention to areas that need improvement desperately. The idea is to coincide the theme with the update of the UN Guidelines on Consumer Protection (UNGCP). Consumer International (CI) will be working with its members to feed these Guidelines to the concern authorities of today's consumers.

World Consumer Rights Day Themes

2014 theme is "Consumer Rights in the Digital Age"

2013 theme is "Consumer Justice Now!"

2012 theme is "Our money, our rights: campaigning for real choice in financial services"

2011 theme is "Consumers for Fair Financial Services"

2010 theme is "Our money, our rights"

2009 theme is "international campaign to stop the marketing of unhealthy food to children"

2008 theme is "Junk Food Generation"

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