World Choral Day 2016

World Choral Day Theme 2016 is " Integration" ,2015 is " Integration" and 2014 theme is "Integration"

Do You Know More Than This About World Choral Day

Origin of the day

A significant unifying characteristic of the globe is music. It creates with each other people from varied cultural histories which because of this enhance serenity and social cohesion. The World Choral Day, released in 1990 at Helsinki by Alberto Grau, offers an excellent platform for songs fans to take part and work together.

There are several routines that occur such as workshops, festivals, events and shows. Aside from being televised, the routines are likewise documented and published online for the watching pleasure of these who missed. The day is noticed by the worldwide community especially schools, churches and also specialist bands.

Importance of the day

World Choral Day will likely be celebrated this season on December 13th. Your own choir is permitted to take part in this event by finishing the entry form. The motif for 2012 is "Solidarity”. Choral occasions organized for World Choral Day on or even around that day will certainly form a mutual expression of solidarity with others all over the world who is struggling because of human being and natural misfortunes.

"The environment is residing through serious and continuous dilemma of self devastation. There are certainly no feasible factors that will justify such eating habits. The most of the humans wants to reside in calmness with dignity. The time is right to show, with additional power and also strength, that our choral family members, via songs to stop working the synthetic barriers item of politics, various ideologies, spiritual differences, as well as racial hatred those standalone humans.

How to celebrate the day

Finishing the form merely takes just 5 minutes; nevertheless it can make your occasion visible to the entire world. The WCD company logo and the official WCD testimonial can be found for download from the identical website. The testimonial that has been read throughout the event proclaims the WCD important message all across the globe.

A large number of choirs have signed up in the special event of World Choral Day on or even around the 2nd Sunday in December previously twenty several years . Countless singers around the world are actually involved in World Choral Day shows, festivals, sing-alongs, choral workshops, Days of Companionship and other occasions.


A year ago we needed 11,000 performers that sang to a lot more than 70,000 target audience members, not forgetting those who observed the televised occasions from the Philippines in addition to the Nobel Peace Prize event in Oslo. Approximately 313 choirs signed up their shows on our old site which amounted to around 300 hrs of choir music committed to World Choral Day 2011. South America, Asia, European countries, North America, as well as South America sang collectively simultaneously with the objective to show to the globe how large the Art of choir music is really, exactly what we as choral music artists can do for solidarity, in order to help remind ourselves of the pleasure of singing.

Make sure you join us once again this year! Take on two mins to submit your own event on internet and add your photos or even video of your own celebration.

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