World Carfree Day 2017

World Carfree Day 2017 is observed on September 22nd.

World Carfree day is celebrated annually on or around 22 September as a showcase of what our cities might look and sound like without cars! In this century, when pollution is poking its ugly face in all our lives, this day is a perfect opportunity to take some heat off the planet. People gather in the streets and raise awareness against the car-dominated society and promote walking, cycling and public transport.

The day was first conceived during the 1970s oil crisis. However, several carfree days were observed in the European cities in the 90s. In 1999, an international carfree day was organized as a part of the “In Town without my Car” campaign. Today, the mission of the day is to get out of the cars and celebrate the city life as free from pollution, stress and noise of the honking of horns. As a part of the various activities of the day to promote awareness, people across the globe organize many events showcasing alternatives to private cars. However, like always, the problem is that most people choose to remain ignorant or revert back to their old car routines after observing the day for the day’s sake!

The main motto of the day is to promote a society with less population and raising awareness about physical activities like cycling and walking. Washington D.C. celebrates car free days and organizes free activities and services like bike repair and yoga classes as a part of the days.

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