World Card Making Day 2017

Card Inspiration And Information for World Card Making Day

Origin of the day

World Card Making Day has begun in 2006 being National Card Making Day. Established by Paper Crafts journal to get card makers collectively at the start of the busiest card-making period of the season, it absolutely was first conducted on October 7, 2006. The first special event involved the Paper Crafts journal target audience only; in spite of this, because of the positive reply it obtained and the globally reputation of card making , the holiday grew to become referred to as World Card Making Day after that.

The origin of changing handmade greeting cards could be traced completely back in early Chinese tradition.

  • Today, card making is a global interest, especially well-liked in Australia, Canada, the UK, and the USA
  • 1 in 6 families’ participate to make cards
  • 86% of scrap bookers additionally produce handmade card
  • 92% of papers crafters produce cards a lot more than some other type of project
  • The best occasions/themes to make cards are: Birthdays, X-mas, Thank you, Valentine's Day, Mother's day
  • Card creators choose stamps and rub-ones to be used on their holiday hand crafted cards

Importance of the day

Remembering its tenth year in 2015, World Card Making Day is well-known yearly on the very first Saturday in October. It is usually a day for the card-making community—hobbyists, merchants, and manufacturers—to associate and enjoy the link and ingenuity that is definitely the heart of card making. Enroll us in the fun on October 5, for World Card Making Day 2015!

How to celebrate the day

This special day is perfect for you, and everybody like you who adores card making. It’s a planet-wide occasion, full of wide-open pleasure and originality. Place it on the calendar right now! After that call your own crafting friends, request the sitter, enter certain frozen pizzas for the family members, make your hubby busy in some other work before the football game, carry out whatever you need to do, then again produce this day regarding you as well as your card making! We certainly have an easy 3-step plan to allow you to make the most out of this day:

Whether or not you’re inexperienced in card making or perhaps have already been experiencing the craft for a long time, almost always there is something else to learn!

Each card is a treasure that you could create repeatedly, customizing it every time with a unique color feel when you choose.

Search for a crop, class, or perhaps contest chance for this unique event—imagine the innovative vibe in the environment as crafters all over the world is involved!


World Card Making Day is a holiday specifically for card makers all over the world to:

  • Celebrate the ingenuity of hand crafted cards along with the personal link that they produce between relatives and buddies
  • Kick off ( and also get a head start on) the holiday card-making period

World Card Making Day Dates

2011 - 2nd th October

2012 - 7th th October

2013 - 6th October

2014 - 5th October

2015 - 4th October

2016 - 2nd th October

2017 - 1st th October

2018 - 7th October

2019 - 6th October

2020 - 4th October

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