World Braille Day 2017

History of World Braille Day:

World Braille Day is on 4th of January. It is the birth date of Louis Braille the one who invented the system so that blind people could read and write. Louis Braille was a Frenchman and he became blind when he was 3 yrs old. He was a very intelligent boy and when he was 15 he invented the Braille Language of reading and writing. He is considered a genius with such a stroke of work. He only used 6 raised dots on paper and made it very easy for blind people to touch the alphabet with their fingertip. Louis had changed the lives of blind people and he himself did not know the importance of its invention.

Celebration on Braille Day:

World Braille Day is celebrated in the entire world and in the honour to recognize the revolution that Louis Braille brought in the lives of people who are blind or visually impaired. Braille is said to be the key which has improved the social and economic opportunities to millions of people and has given a definite meaning to blind people so that they can be more independent and can educate themselves. Earlier people used a special typewriter but now a day’s computer too helps them to write and read Braille language. January 4th is celebrated as the World Braille Day the day of "the magic of six small dots".

World Braille Day: It has been more than 200 years when the Braille Language was invented. It was a simple but yet was considered to be a sophisticated reading and writing system. This invention has brought a huge change in the life of blind and visually impaired people. The biggest advantage of this language is that it can be translated to any language of the world.

Braille has authorized blind people around the world in thousands. But due to Restrictive International copy rights law enforced in each country makes it difficult to the people, have books and knowledge from other countries. The World Braille Foundation works in part to the circumstances that arise while sharing books among the border rather share the knowledge with the teachers to spread out knowledge among the countries such as Africa, India and Cuba, that help the blind to study and succeed.

Why it is Celebrated:

We celebrate World Braille Day in honour to give tribute to the genius Louis Braille. World Braille Day gives an opportunity to all the organizations which are working for the blind so that they can display their work and promote the Braille language and also educate others on the issue that is affecting the blind.

Close your eyes for a couple of moments and imagine your life to be in that forever you will get a small instance of how the blind people are surviving in this darkness. There are very few of them who could attend a blind school and can receive training on how to lead a life in darkness. Situations get more complicated if illiteracy and poverty attack together with the darkness and for the people who are residing in rural areas they do not have access to a normal school for normal kids how will they get a chance to get a blind school. In most of the cases people are completely unaware of the fact that there is a blind school for helping the blind people to live their life independently.

World Braille Day is organized and celebrated only to encourage people around you to get united together to help the blind people. To develop special communities and bring forth some activities to mark this day as a special one.

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