Work Your Proper Hours Day 2017

Join the campaign against unpaid overtime

Are you skipping your lunch breaks and staying late at work to complete your project deadline?  If so, you are not alone. Today, millions of people are working unpaid overtime all over the world especially in UK, ignoring their personal lives for the sake of their employers. When compared to other countries, UK has large number of unpaid overtime workers, which is almost one in five. If you are the victim of such a situation, then why not join hands to take part in the Work Your Proper Hours Day campaign.

Is it good to work unpaid overtime?

People who are working for more than eight hours per day and doing overtime for no extra payment should put a full stop to it. Before becoming an employee of a company, it is very important for every worker to know his/her work status and basic work rights.  No matter whatever the reason might be, if you are working overtime on regular basis for long hours you will not only be building stress inside but also may wreck your personal relationship.  Overworked employees have also shown less productivity and are prone to make more mistakes than regularly timed workers.

Work Your Proper Hours Day:

Trades Union Congress (TUC) launched Work Your Proper Hours Day nine years back on March 1 with an aim to create awareness among employees on how to balance the work life. The campaign is mainly to let the employees know about their basic work rights and employment protection policies.  This is the day when all employees should think about themselves and reframe their perceptions for better work life. Encourage or extend your support for Work Your Proper Hours Day by attending and leaving the work on time and taking a full lunch break without eating at your desk.

Work Your Proper Hours Day 2017