Women Halloween Costumes

Halloween is around the corner and that puts shopping for costumes on the priority list! Halloween is a once-in-a-year event that each person wants to remember for a long time. Thus, they make an extra effort to wear outfits that would be remembered and cherished by all.  Shopping for Halloween costumes can be a tedious job especially if one needs to wear something exceptional. Here are some innovative ideas which will help women to decide their Halloween costumes:

Woman Pirate Costumes

Woman Pirate Halloween Costumes

Wearing a woman Pirate costume to a Halloween party is assured to grab some eyeballs. It is very simple and inexpensive costume to make at home. All you need is a frilly petticoat and a short skirt with fray at the edges. Pairing it up with leggings and a huge belt will solve your woes. Make sure you wear a pirate eye patch and pair of high-heeled boots.

Bat-Girl, Spiderwoman and Superwoman Costumes

bat girl halloween costumes

spider girl halloween costumes

super women funny halloween costumes

Though these are not new, they are all time favorites for a costume party. Every Halloween party has a Spiderwoman, Superwoman or a Catwoman walking and guarding the premises! Women can show their superpowers by wearing these Female Marvel comics’ stars. Since these costumes are so popular, they are almost always available until the last moment. So if you haven’t made advanced purchases, you can always look at these as last minute options.  

Periodic Queens and Rulers Costumes

Many women like to dress up like traditional Celtic women or queens from the Renaissance period.  Instead of buying the costumes, women can try altering their own gowns and frocks and give it a Victorian and renaissance look. Dressing up like Cleopatra would also give a novel look.

The Underworld and Gangster Girl Costumes

gangster girl halloween costumes

Women can fulfill their fantasies of being gangsters by donning Gangster costumes unique. The costume would vary from woman to woman because it is subject to ones imagination. The gangster girl can be a rough, tomboyish smuggling queen or a sophisticated and sexy mafia gang leader. This Halloween costume can be distinctive and certainly very catchy.