Winterlude 2016

Winterlude is an annual festival celebrating the cold temperatures of winter season in Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec. Organized by Canada’s National Capital Commission, this festival cum event was initiated and formed in the year 1979 and is known as Ottawa’s most important tourist destination as it attracts a huge mass each year.

Winterlude mainly consists of outdoor activities such as public skating, skating displays, ice sculpture competitions, a 100 kilometer long skating through Rideau Canal. Besides, this fest also includes music concerts, kids play areas, a large ice playground, an ice lounge and many other attractive things.

Major Attractions of Winterlude

Other major attractions of Winterlude consist of the Snowflake Kingdom which is situated in Jacques-Cartier Park in Gatineau that has been off late turned into a huge snow park with slides and structures for children. The Crystal Garden or the Confederation Park is an ice sculpture site having an ice lounge and a host of music concerts.

Duration and Weather of Winterlude

The unpredictable and mild weather of Ottawa touches -10 degree Celsius mark which is perfect for freezing due to which the duration of Winterlude usually varies from year to year. Typically, this event lasts for three weeks in February. Although the activities and ice sculptures attract a huge masses even during the weekdays, but the number of skiers and audiences is huge especially during the weekends.

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