Winston Churchill Day 2017

Significance of National Winston Churchill Day

National Winston Churchill Day is observed on 9th of April each year in memory of Sir Winston Churchill. On this day in the year 1963, he was awarded to be an honorable citizen of the United States of America.

Though he could not self-experience this memorable moment, but he saw this through his son and grandson who attended the ceremony along with then President John F. Kennedy.

How to celebrate Winston Churchill Day

To honor Sir Winston Churchill, we must celebrate this day by remembering his contribution to the United States of America. A group of individuals can organize a skit about his life, or prepare a documentary or organize a story-telling about him.

Facts about Winston Churchill Day

Sir Winston Churchill is famous for his positive dominance, nonnegotiable attitude and adversity. His speeches and razor-sharp tongue often landed him in trouble making him not so likeable among others. He played a major role in escalating military technologically besides being credited for aerial warfare.

Things to do on National Winston Churchill Day

National Winston Churchill Day can be celebrated by sharing knowledge and information about Sir Winston Churchill, his contributions and sacrifices for the States of America. People can go for mass prayers and light candles for his peace or commemorate him with flowers.

Winston Churchill Day 2017