William Bradford Birthday (March 19th)

William Bradford Birthday (March 19th)

William Bradford is the man who is remembered for the most time election as the governor. He  was born on 19th march 1590 AD near Doncaster in Austerfield, Yorkshire. His father name was William Bradford Sr. from childhood he has an attraction towards the church in nearby Scrooby and later on he became the permanent member of the church, which later on termed as Separatist church. In the later year of his life when he attained adulthood he married to a girl named Dorothy Bradford. After the death of his first wife he married a girl named Alice Carpenter South worth who’s first husband was also dead. From the second marriage he  had three children namely William, Mercy, and Joseph.

William Bradford was the only man who was elected 30 times and came out to be victorious of the Plymouth colony. His first experience as the governor of Plymouth colony came out to be in the year 1621 from then he served the colony till 1633 as the governor. His  long tenure as a governor shows his capability of a great governor the Plymouth colony has ever seen. He also wrote handwritten journals depicting the history of the Plymouth colony since past 30 years. Most of he written journals were published repeatedly by the name of Plymouth Plantation. He  became the second signer and the first architect in the Mayflower Compact in the province town Harbor.

Bradford is credited for the United State’s present day Thanksgiving. Edward Winslow succeeded William Bradford in his career as a governor. However Bradford became the governor again in the year 1635 however at this time his tenure was of only one year but he elected for governor again in the year 1637. The longest tenure as agovernor at Plymouth colony was between 1621-1633, which was the earlier days of his governorship. He died at the place where he served his governorship that is at Plymouth colony and was buried at Plymouth Burial hill. On his tombstone it is clearly written that do not relinquish the resources that your forefather have secured for you.

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