White T-Shirt Day 2017

When is White T-shirt day Celebrated?

In the United States of America, White T - Shirt Day is celebrated every year on February 11th. This White T-shirt Day fetes the men and women who took part in strikes at general motors’ in 1937. “These autoworkers facilitated the United Autoworkers (UAW) Union, to get the sole bargaining agent General Motors autoworkers." As Share of the representation of the strike, each and everyone will wear a white blouse or white T-Shirt.

Generally the white T-Shirt day was commenced as ‘White Shirt Day’ in 1937 but as the years pass by the title has been changed to White T-shirt Day. To know the history of this White T-shirt Day the Autoworkers came up with their own idea of celebrating the day, by delivering the name “White T-shirt Day”.

On this White T-shirt Day you can have fun and Participate by wearing a white T-Shirt which is very popular, rather than what it is originally meant to celebrate.

Origin of White T-Shirt Day

The White T-shirt Day according to United Autoworkers (UAW) union has the original traditions as follows:

  • Each and everyone have to wear a white blouse or a white T-Shirt.
  • You have to maintain the cleanness and the neatness of your T-Shirt better than your boss’s T-Shirt.
  • Work rules and safety must be adopted.

So have all the enjoyment and fun on White T-shirt Day by wearing a Crisp white T-Shirt.

Have a wonderful and Happy White T-shirt Day everyone.

White T-Shirt Day 2017