White Ribbon Day 2016

The test of whether you are a gentleman of high calibre lies not in your perception of being a macho man but in the way you treat members of the opposite sex. That is the message that goes across when the world celebrates White Ribbon Day, an occasion for you to stand up against violence on women.

It has been a custom over the many centuries that the way men treat women has been moulded. Now, in this modern day and age, that customary way of treating the fairer sex has come in for a change, with many voluntary organisations taking up the cause and trying to bring about a change in the perception of women and men’s relationship with them.

White Ribbon Day, also formally known as the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women, had its origins in Canada in 1989. Since then, White Ribbon Day has assumed global proportions and is being commemorated on the 6th of December each year, typically marked by publicities and awareness campaigns, involving men. The origins of White Ribbon Day could be traced to the way fourteen women were targeted and murdered on the basis of their gender.

What happens on This Day?

There tends to be a whole lot of discussions and debates, along with campaigns that raise the awareness of men towards women’s rights and issues. Not-for-profit organisations involve the government and local bodies, along with communities, in conducting games, road shows, and charity programmes serving towards women’s causes leading up to White Ribbon Day.

White Ribbon Day 2016