When Is Valentine's Day 2016

Generally Valentine’s Day used to be known as Saint Valentine’s Day. As the years pass by Saint Valentine’s Day is shortened to Valentine’s Day. Valentines’ Day is an every year meritorious day which is celebrated on February 14th in praise of love and affection between the partners. Valentine’s Day got its name, after single or more early, Christian martyrs named Valentine  and was founded by Pope Gelasius I in 500 A.D. By Pope Paul VI, Valentine’s Day was deleted in 1969. But its spiritual honoring is still in progress. Valentine’s Day is a beautiful day on which partners; lovers will convey their feelings of love for each other by sending greeting cards, presenting flowers, offering confectionery.

Valentine ’s Day was first related with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the custom of code of conduct for love flourished.

In the current modern society Valentine's Day represents the out-line heart shapes, doves, and the picture of the winged cupid. Handmade Valentines have shown the way to mass-produced greeting cards.

Valentine’s Day is generally celebrates the love between the partners and if you do not have a partner you can propose her/him on this day with some beautiful red roses.

Historical Facts

Numerous former Christian Martyrs were named as Valentine. Valentine of Rome and Valentine of Terni are the Valentines who honored on Feb 14th. A priest in Rome named Valentine of Rome was martyred about AD 269 and was placed in grave on the Via Flaminia. At the Church of Saint Praxed in Rome at St. Whitefriar Street Carmelite Church in Dublin, Ireland the keepsakes of Valentine of Rome are safe.

Valentine of Terni turned Bishop of Interamna about 197 AD and is stated to have been martyred during the ill-treatment under Emperor Aurelian. He is buried in Via Flaminia in different location. His keepsakes are safe at Basilica of Saint Valentine in Terni.

The Catholic Encyclopedia also talks of a third saint called Valentine who was noted in betimes martyrologies under date of February 14. Valentine was martyred in Africa with a number of associates, but there is no further information about him.

The Roman Catholic Calendar of Saints, in the 1969 alteration the Feast day of Saint Valentine on February 14 was took out from the General Roman Calendar and referred to another person to special calendars for the complying reason: Though the commemorating of Saint Valentine is antediluvian, it is left to the special calendar.

Gradually Feb 14th turned the date for substituting love contents and St. Valentine turned the patron saint of lovers. On the Valentines’ Day they have marked by mailing poems and mere gifts such as having flowers delivered.

In the United States of America, Miss Esther Howland is taken into account for sending the very first Valentine Cards. From 1800’s till date Valentines are very much commercialized. Colorado, the town of Loveland, will do a huge business of mailing around Feb 14th.

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