When Is St. David's Day

When is St. David’s Day

St. David’s Day is observed on March 1st to celebrate the life of St. David, the Wales’ patron saint. It is also the time when people delve deep into the Welsh culture and appreciate their Welsh origins. The Welsh flag that has a red dragon on a white and green background is hosted, and daffodils or leeks are pinned to clothes.

St. David’s Day has been recognized as the national day for people of Welsh origin in the United States since the year 2003. That year, St. David’s Day was celebrated by lighting the Empire State Building with red, green and white, which are the Welsh national colors.

St. David’s Day Celebrations

St. David’s Day is celebrated by some people by attending a special church service held on that day while other’s cook a special meal of herbed lamb chops, Welsh pot bread, or Caerphilly Crumble for the family and friends. Other activities for the day are carrying the flag of Wales and dressing in traditional costumes.

St David's Day, however, is not a public holiday in the United States. However a festive mood prevails all through and community groups, schools, and business houses organize special programs for the day.

American Observances